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Trees are an important part of a home landscape

Trees are an important part of a home landscape and contribute to curb appeal as well as property value. They also help in preventing erosion on the land and provide shade and shelter from sun and wind. However, the trees in a yard may need regular trimming or care to ensure their health and longevity. A professional tree service can take on this responsibility for the homeowner. Some of the most common services offered by these companies include pruning, trimming, and cutting. The company can also help the homeowner in reviving a damaged or dying tree. Other services provided by these firms include stump grinding and plant health care.

One of the most important aspects of any tree service is to ensure that all workers on a job site are properly insured. It is possible for an uninsured worker to injure someone or cause damage to their property during a work session. A reputable tree service should have insurance that covers all its employees, including those who are working at clients’ homes. It should also have the necessary equipment and tools to complete any job, including a crane and bucket lifts.

The first step in choosing a tree service is to ask for recommendations from friends and family members who have used the services of a specific company. Once you have a list of potential candidates, do your research to find out more about their reputation and customer satisfaction levels. Check out their websites to see if they have photos of previous jobs that showcase their skills. Also, read reviews online to get a feel for the level of service that each candidate provides.

A reputable tree service should be able to offer a free estimate of the work required and the total cost. They should be able to explain the process in detail and offer suggestions about how to maintain the health of the trees. The company should also provide a contract that includes all tasks and costs associated with the project. It should include the responsibility for clean up and disposal of branches, leaves, trunks and wood chips.

Before a tree service begins, they should mark all underground utilities that are located within the site of the work. This is especially important when the company is digging to remove a tree or stump. Underground utility lines can include sprinkler systems, invisible dog fences, and buried phone, gas, or electricity cables. This will prevent the contractor from accidentally damaging these utilities and potentially incurring a fine or other legal consequences. Also, be sure to obtain a written quote before the work starts and make payment only once the job is completed and you are satisfied with it. This will protect you against scams by unscrupulous contractors.

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